Carburator, M88 linkert, complete unit. Originally used for military models

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Carburator, M88 linkert, cmpt. late style (green, 1944 up)


3 Line carburator housing, Exact reproduction. Made in Europe. Features all the correct WLA parts, short chokelever for elbow aircleaner, long throttle lever for aluminum heads, and ofcourse stamped correctly M88. Body is painted OD, matched closely to our NOS in box M88. Bowl is natural finish. All parts are colored in the same scheme as our NOS in box M88. This means plugs and some brass parts are black, some parts are white plated ( originally cad plated, but with EU restrictions in place we are forced to paint them in a lookalike color). This carburator would be correct for any WLA WLC that is of a “later” make, end of 1943, beginning of 1944 and up.

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